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Adding to the Debate – Is There a Right Way to Eat Pizza?

It might surprise you to find out how much controversy surrounds pizza. From how to eat it to how it should be made, fierce debates have been going on since pizza arrived on US shores. Each place has its own local traditions developed out of practice and interaction with the local culture, and each of these practices is valid in its own right.

That being said, is there a right way to eat pizza? This article will go over all the different ways to eat pizza so that you can (hopefully) make the right decision for yourself.

The Italian method: the fork and knife

Traditionalists always argue that the Italian way is the best way, which is eating pizza with a fork and knife. Most restaurants serve small pizzas whole, unsliced, and piping hot, so you will need a knife and fork to cut it into those familiar triangular slices.

Then, you should start cutting it at the tip where the center of the circle would have been. Work your way up to the crust by cutting small pieces and eating them.

Once the pizza has cooled, only then can you pick it up and eat it with your hands. However, you should only have a small bit of it left by this point. Finally, it is important never to fold the pizza. That would turn it into a calzone, which also should be eaten with a fork and knife.

Eating with your hands in Italy

While maintaining proper etiquette in restaurants is always a good idea, it is not as important in informal settings. For example, the tradition of eating pizza with a knife and fork no longer extends when eating at a street food stand. Eating at home with a group of friends with some pizza delivery is also another informal setting that does not demand too much adherence to traditions.

Eating pizza with your hands in the USA

Pizza has become a staple in every corner of the globe. Every place has its own traditions, and these are as valid as those found in Italy.

New York has arguably taken pizza and created its own tradition and culture out of it ever since Italian immigrants brought the dish to US shores. Here, you would be shamed for eating pizza with a knife and fork, even if you’re enjoying pizza delivery from your own home.

In the Big Apple, a slice of pizza is meant to be picked up whole and folded down the middle. From there, take bites of the pizza from the tip to the crust.

What about Chicago?

Chicago-style pizzas are an entirely different animal, so there are no rules when it comes to eating pizza in the Windy City. The New York-style method of picking up and folding slices isn’t applicable to Chicago’s thicker and more robust pizzas. As such, feel free to eat the pizzas however you want, so long as you aren’t making a mess or wasting toppings and stuffings.

In conclusion

At the end of the day, the consumption of any food—including pizza—is a very personal experience. Don’t let traditions determine which way is right for you. Every option is valid so long as you enjoy it and it doesn’t hurt the experience for anyone else.

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