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5 Things That Make Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza Unique

Pizza is probably one of the most favorite snacks in any part of the world. Regardless of which country you come from, pizza is one of the staples in parties, gatherings, and holiday celebrations. Its tasty crust and mouth-watering toppings make get-togethers more fun, enjoyable, and satisfying.

When Italians migrated to Chicago, they brought their delicacies with them, one of which is the pizza. However, they decided to make a new variety to warm up their bellies during the cold seasons in Chicago. That is when the Chicago deep-dish pizza was created and marketed to the public.

But what exactly made this type of pizza special? To give you a better idea, here are some factors that make Chicago stuffed pizza different from regular pan pizzas:

1. Pans are periodically seasoned

The crust of Chicago deep-dish pizza has a different, more flavorful taste. This is because it is baked on cast-iron pans with no handles. Bakers do not wash the pans. They only wipe and periodically season them every time they are used. Due to that, the seasonings left in the oven pan add richer flavor and taste to the pizza.

2. Doughs are pressed to the sides of the pan

Unlike regular pizzas where the dough ends are rolled, the dough in a Chicago deep-dish pizza is pushed and pressed to the sides of the pan, creating a crispy crust afterward. Basically, bakers push the dough to the sides, similar to an apple pie crust, to create a thicker type of pizza.

3. Toppings are repeatedly layered

In regular pizzas, toppings are usually limited to a single layer on top of the crust. However, in a Chicago stuffed pizza, toppings are repeatedly layered as many times as the dough can handle, creating a gigantic pan of pizza full of cheese, meat, and spices. The filling usually goes three-quarters of the way up the pie. You can also customize its layering process to best suit your preference and taste buds.

4. Cooking it takes time

Chicago studded pizza is made to perfection, so you should expect it to cook for a little longer than regular pizzas. It is baked for about 40 minutes in the oven, depending on its size and ingredients. This time also allows all the excess oil to fall off, resulting in a pie that’s rich but not greasy. It also allows the crust to turn crispy to provide a nice contrast to the filling.

5. It is served with strings of Mozzarella pulling off

Chicago stuffed pizza is served in traditional triangular slices. That way, you can see the cross-section of the pizza containing multiple layers of meat and cheese. You will know that a pizza is perfectly cooked and served when the stings of Mozzarella are pulling off its sides.


Chicago deep-dish pizza is best for people who want to enjoy a tasteful meal with their friends and family. Unlike regular pizzas, it is significantly thicker since it has multiple layers of meat and Mozzarella cheese. Another difference is that it is cooked for much longer to allow the cheese and grease of the meat to fall off its sides and the crust to become crispy.

If you love a thick pizza full of cheese and meat and has a crispy crust, you should taste a heartful Chicago deep-dish pizza!

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