Doreen's NEW Impossible™ Burger is Fresh.. Healthier.. Delicious!

Doreen’s Pizzeria is proud to introduce the new Doreen’s Impossible™ Burger. An all new Plant-Based Burger made in collaboration with Impossible Foods™. Check out the video below and bask in all of the glory of this AMAZING new option that we are bringing to Dyer, IN and the surrounding towns. 

Best when served on our Delicious Toasted Pretzel Bun, with Your Choice of Fresh Cut toppings. Juicy enough to fool even the meatiest of eaters, this Plant-Based Burger is sure to delight anyone that tries it! Order Today and Save 10% using Promo Code: 10%OFF

Read our FAQ Below

Yes! Our Burger is a healthier option because the patty is free of Cholesterol. We also use fresh ingredients in order to provide the best possible option to our customers.
A quote from the New York times: " 'The most like a beef burger by far,' was my first scribbled note." So in summary, this thing is DELICIOUS!
This is the furthest from the truth. Our Burgers are packed with 19g of protein per 1/4 pound patty! So stop by after the gym. 🙂
False! The truth is, plant-based burgers require way less land and water than cows, and produce a fraction of the emissions.
Our New Plant-Based Patty is available to substitute for any burger, with any toppings that we have on hand at each location.
Yes! The patty is gluten free. Please inform the restaurant of any allergies to make sure that we can properly assist you.
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